It's a rock.
FlikPretend... pretend that that's a seed.
DotBut it's a rock.
FlikI know it's a rock!

Well, Flik, you did.
AttaFlik, what do you have to say for yourself?
FlikI'm sorry for the way I am.
FlikI didn't mean for things to go so wrong.
FlikI especially didn't want to make you look bad, Princess.
AttaWell, Flik, you did.

no refunds after the first two minutes.
flyYou! Come here!
flyI want my money back!
fleaUh, no refunds after the first two minutes.

We are up!
spiderTuck, Roll, let's get moving, guys.
spiderWe're up next.
Tuck & Roll@#$%&...
spiderDon't you understand?
spiderWe are up!
Tuck & Roll@#$%&...
Tuck & RollHey!
spiderHey! They don't understand me.

How dare you!
flyGet off the stage, you old hack!
mantisI demand to know who said that!
mantisHow dare you!

I don't blame him!
FlikHopper is afraid of birds!
ladybugI don't blame him!

Did I ruin the take?
cameramanWatch it!
grasshopperI'm sorry! I'm sorry!
grasshopperIs the camera broke?
grasshopperOh, oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
grasshopperDid I ruin the take?