You don't see that on Animal Planet.
zebraYeah! You don't see that on Animal Planet.
zebraWell, show's over, folks.
zebraThanks for coming.
zebraI hope you thought it was fresh.

There might be more to life than steak
zebraYou ever thought there might be more to life than steak, Alex?
zebraDoesn't it bother you guys that you don't know anything about life outside this zoo?

You're a bad kitty.
old ladyUpstairs, downstairs.
old ladyHow do you like that?
lionLady! What is wrong with you?
lionOw! Get a grip on yourselves, people.

He's awake!
lionHey. Little help?
guardHe's awake! He's awake!
guardDo something!
lionOh, man.

I can't make it out
SkipperProgress report.
KowalskiIt's an older code, Skipper.
KowalskiI can't make it out.

I'm getting you out of the box
giraffeAlex, what are you doing?
lionI'm getting you out of the box.
giraffeWait! Wait! Come on.

You can't swim
hippoWhat are you doing?!
lionI'm swimming back to New York.
lionI know my chances are slim,
lionbut I have to try!
hippoYou can't swim!
lionI said my chances are slim!

What kind of cat are you
hippoJump! Alex, jump!
hippoDon't worry, cats always land on their...
hippoMan, what kind of cat are you?

Who is it?
(knock knock knock)
zebraShh. It's him.
zebraWho is it?
lionIt's the pizza man.
lionWho the heck do you think it is?

Black with white stripes
zebraAlex. What are you doing?
lion27, 28, 29, 30.
lion30 black and only 29 white.
lionLooks like you're black with white stripes after all.
lionDilemma solved. Good night.

The boat's out of gas
PrivateDon't you think we should tell them that the boat's out of gas?
SkipperNah. Just smile and wave, boys.
SkipperSmile and wave.