Just take what you need
RJJust take what you need!
RJJust take what you need!

Right on the tip of my tongue
turtleWhat is it you want to tell me?
squirrelWhat was it?
squirrelWait. Right on the tip of my tongue.

I'm holding you personally responsible
turtleListen, if anybody in this family gets hurt,
turtleI'm holding you personally responsible.
RJThey're having a good time.
RJI'll take responsibility for that.

These guys live to eat
RJWe eat to live,
RJthese guys live to eat.

You'll be sweating through the winter
RJThat is the way to store some fat.
RJYou'll be sweating through the winter!

That does look tasty.
turtleOK. This is great.
turtleGranted, it takes some time to chew.
turtleBut that, that was very satisfying.
turtleAnd, by the way, lots of fiber in there too.
RJI've gotta admit, that does look tasty.

Shame on you
turtleCan't you see RJ is just using you?
hedgehogVerne! Shame on you.
hedgehogRJ wouldn't do that.

Your grandchildren will stink
skunkI'm gonna gas you so hard your grandchildren will stink.

vending machine
RJHang on a minute.
squirrelI can't wait. I can't wait.
RJYes! Here we go.
squirrelKind of anticlimactic.