Lightning McQueen was missing
Lightning McQueen was missing
hostI don't know what's harder to find,
hostMcQueen or a chief who'll work with him!

Take whatever you want!
MaterMorning, sleeping beauty!
MaterBoy, I was wondering when you was gonna wake up.
LightningTake whatever you want!
LightningJust don't hurt me!

but you leave me no choice.
SallyOK, I didn't want to have to do this, Doc,
Sallybut you leave me no choice.

That won't be necessary.
LightningAw, man, that's just great!
MaterHey, what's wrong?
LightningMy lucky sticker's all dirty.
MaterAh, that ain't nothing.
MaterI'll clean it for ya.
LightningNo, no, no!
LightningThat won't be necessary.

Do you know many Ferraris?
LuigiDo you know many Ferraris?
LightningNo, no, no, no, no.
LightningThey race on the European circuit.
LightningI'm in the Piston Cup!
LuigiLuigi follow only the Ferraris.

It's only been an hour.
LightningOK. Outta my way.
LightningI got a road to finish.
MaterHe's done!
DocDone? It's only been an hour.

Look, I get all my tires for free.
LuigiYou buy four tires, I give you a full size spare absolutely free!
LightningLook, I get all my tires for free.
LuigiI like your style,
Luigiyou drive the hard bargain.

It's the ghostlight!
MaterIt's the ghostlight!
helicopterWe have found McQueen.
helicopterWe have found McQueen!