Who are you talking to?
JakeWe're going back in time to the first Thanksgiving
Jaketo get turkeys off the menu.
ReggieWho are you talking to?
JakeThis guy right here.
JakeHe totally gets it.
JakeLook, look, see how he's nodding?

I can feel time warping!
JakeEntering time module.
JakeStand back.
JakeInitiating launch sequence.
JakeTingling sensation in lower body.
JakeBlood pressure rising, rapidly...
JakePenetrating space-time continuum...
JakeI can feel time warping!

The chances of survival are almost zero.
presidentChrononaut One, are you ready to be the first human being
presidentto travel through time?
astronautYes, sir!
generalHe'd better be.
generalThe chances of survival are almost zero.
astronautWait, you never said anything...
generalThat's on a need to know basis, sir.

What's Thanksgiving?
turkeyWhat's a menu?
JakeA menu, it's like a list of food items in a restaurant.
turkeyWhat's a restaurant?

I can't seem to catch this dot.
JakeHold on! This is amazing!
JakeThis is incredible.
JakeI can't seem to catch this dot.

You're an idiot.
ReggieI've come back from the future to tell you something really important.
ReggieWhat is it?
ReggieYou're an idiot.