The winner is Turbo
TurboBut what's this?
TurboOut of nowhere, a dark horse is challenging Gagne.

Can you please go to sleep?
reporterTell us, Guy, what inspired you to become a race driver?
TurboYou know, Dan, everybody's got that one thing that makes them happy.
TurboAnd for me, it's terrifying, terrifying blazing speed.

It was a rhetorical question!
ChetWhat is wrong with you?
TurboI don't know. All I know is, the other night, I...
ChetIt was a rhetorical question!

Not every dream is meant to come true
AngeloNot every dream is meant to come true.

I'd better make the most of today
ChetTheo, what happens if you wake up tomorrow,
Chetand your powers are gone?
TurboThen I'd better make the most of today.

No dream is too big
GuyNo dream is too big,
Guyand no dreamer, too small.

It shouldn't put a limit on spirit
GuyIf it isn't going to put a limit on speed,
Guythen it shouldn't put a limit on spirit!

Underdogs seldom win
GuyWell, the sad truth is,
Guyunderdogs seldom win.
GuyAnd dreamers?
GuyEventually, they have to wake up.