How are we losing?
ratWe had numbers,
ratand we had the surprise part!
ratHow are we losing?
MandrakePatience, son.
MandrakeThe forest wasn't grown in a day.
ratBut we can destroy it in one. Right?
MandrakeHa! That's the spirit!

Talking snails.
MKTalking snails.
slugActually, he's a snail.
slugI'm a slug.
slugNo shell over here, baby.
slugIt just slows me down.

Is that the best you've got?
NodIs that the best you've got?
mosquitoHow was that?

Many leaves, one tree.
Ronin"Many leaves, one tree."
MKWhat does that mean?
RoninWe're all individuals,
Roninbut we're still connected.
RoninIt's what we live by.

You're here for a reason.
QueenYou're here for a reason.
QueenMaybe you don't see the connections yet.
QueenBut just because you don't see them,
Queendoesn't mean they're not there.