He's sarcastic.
boyCome on, boy! Fetch the stick!
dogBut why? Won't you just throw it again?
dogIt's an exercise in futility.
boyI don't want this one, Mommy.
boyHe's sarcastic.

Why did I ever move to Egypt?
dogIf this marriage pact is sealed,
dogI will shower down upon the land uncountable plagues.
maleOy, again with the plagues!
maleWhy did I ever move to Egypt?

Achilles heel
generalHow are we doing, heroes of Greece?
generalFeeling good? Feeling strong?
generalOkay, let's get warmed up!
generalWe don't want to pull something out there.
generalRemember what happened to Achilles.
generalThat whole thing with his heel.

I did not see that coming!
generalOdysseus, what news do you bring?
soldierSomeone left this for us.
generalA present. Nice.
generalIt looks just like our horse.
soldierShould I bring it inside?
generalIt would be rude not to.
generalI did not see that coming!

George Washington