Now there's a prophecy
PresidentWhoo! Nothing's gonna stop me now.
VitruviusWait. There was a prophecy.
PresidentOh, now there's a prophecy.

Isn't there supposed to be a good cop?
EmmetI watch a lot of cop shows on TV.
EmmetIsn't there supposed to be a good cop?
Bad CopOh, yes. But we're not done yet.
Good CopHi, buddy! I'm your friendly neighborhood police officer!

That idea is just the worst
EmmetIntroducing the double-decker couch.
EmmetSo everyone could watch TV together and be buddies!
WyldstyleThat is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
VitruviusPlease, Wyldstyle, let me handle this.
VitruviusThat idea is just the worst.

I would not rather he died
Bad CopFreeze, turkeys.
Bad CopAll I want is the Piece of Resistance.
WyldstyleWe would rather he died than give it to you.
EmmetI would not rather he died.

We're roommates
SupermanCan't get much worse than this.
LanternUh, hello, neighbor.
LanternIt's Green Lantern.
LanternOh, my gosh, we're roommates!
LanternHow crazy is that?

Talking computer
computerI am the computer.
spacemanCool! Talking computer.
spacemanPlease disable the shield systems.
computerOf course.
computerThere are no movies in your area with that title.

Let's go with that
EmmetIs that me exploding?
VitruviusUh, I didn't mention that earlier?
Vitruviusit might explode?
EmmetNo! But it might not, right?
VitruviusSure, sure, sure. Let's go with that.

See you later, alligator
WyldstyleSee you later, alligator.
WyldstyleAfter a while, crocodile.