I'm not paying you to think!
pirateI think we found just what you be looking for.
EmperorI'm not paying you to think!
EmperorI'm paying you to bring me back the strongest, fiercest, nastiest
EmperorViking warrior you can find!

I'm taking the truck.
DelBut this truck is all I have!
DelYou can't just send someone to take my...
sisterOutta the way!
sisterI'm taking the truck.
sisterGive me that!

Gather a posse?
sisterI'm just here to...
sister...get a posse together.
DelYou? Gather a posse?
DelOkay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
DelI gotta see this.
DelOkay, go ahead.

Nope. This one's just garbage.
spyThis way!
spyAfter me! Hup!
DelNope. This one's just garbage.

You can all pay extra for it on the way out.
EmperorWhat a treat.
EmperorWe have a special guest for tonight's show!
EmperorDon't worry. You can all pay extra for it on the way out.