auntie's birthday
GruberHow about these rolling shoes?
bearPlease, Mr Gruber, be serious.

It's only a haircut
sonBut I don't want to.
momIt's only a haircut, Nelson.
momThere's nothing to be afraid of.
bearCome in. Take a seat.
momWe'll go somewhere else.

Now you do dog-food commercials.
actorNow then, I suppose you know who I am.
bearOh, yes. You're a very famous actor.
actorOh, pooh.
bearOr used to be.
bearNow you do dog-food commercials.
actorWell, a man has to eat.
bearWhat, dog food?
actorOh, very, very funny.

It's not as bad as it looks.
inmateAh, don't worry. I used to be a restaurant critic.
inmateIt's not as bad as it looks.
inmateIt's worse.

Just an ordinary bin going for a walk.
BarnesRight, Paddington, stay low and remember, you're a bin.
bearYou're a bin. You're a bin.
bearJust an ordinary bin going for a walk.
bearThank you.
copYou're welcome.
bearNothing to see here, officer. Just a bin.
bearQuite good being a bin.