Oh, my gosh, you fixed it.
wolfWebs, Webs, the curtain's going up any minute.
spiderIt's not letting me in.
wolfCheck your system preferences.
snakeYou probably need to download a driver.
wolfTry rebooting.
spiderOh, my gosh, you fixed it.

So long, suckers.
copOn your knees, Bad Guys.
copWith your hands up.
snakeNever! We're out of here.
wolfSo long, suckers.
wolfWell, this just got a little weird.

This is going to taste extra sweet
sharkThis is going to taste extra sweet,
shark'cause I know how bad you want it.
sharkPop me, please. Ah...
snakeNope. Sucker.
sharkThat's it! I'll teach you to share!
sharkMm, I like sharing. It's yummy. Mm.

Mr. Piranha, help grandma across the street.
spiderOh, he is totally gonna blow it.
piranhaWhat was that? What did you say?
piranhaYou think I can't do this?
wolfNo, no, no, Piranha!

I want you to save it.
guinea pigI want you to save it.
allRight, right, right. Sure.
allHere, kitty, kitty, kitty.