You don't see that on Animal Planet.
zebra Yeah! You don't see that on Animal Planet.
zebra Well, show's over, folks.
zebra Thanks for coming.
zebra I hope you thought it was fresh.

There might be more to life than steak
zebra You ever thought there might be more to life than steak, Alex?
zebra Doesn't it bother you guys that you don't know anything about life outside this zoo?

You're a bad kitty.
lion Move aside. We have an emergency here.
lion This is an emergency situation.
lion Hey, hey. Just chill out.
lion It's not that big of an emergency.
old lady Upstairs, downstairs.
old lady How do you like that?
lion Lady! What is wrong with you?
lion Ow! Get a grip on yourselves, people.
old lady You're a bad kitty.

He's awake!
reporter Last night's dramatic incident in Grand Central
reporter is an example of what animal rights whackos have been shouting for years:
reporter Animals clearly don't belong in captivity.
reporter Now they are to be sent back to their natural habitat,
reporter where they will live their lives in the freedom they so clearly desire.
lion Hey. Little help?
guard He's awake! He's awake!
guard Do something!
lion Oh, man.

I can't make it out
Skipper Progress report.
Kowalski It's an older code, Skipper.
Kowalski I can't make it out.

I'm getting you out of the box
giraffe Alex, what are you doing?
lion I'm getting you out of the box.
lion Relax.
giraffe Wait! Wait! Come on.

You can't swim
hippo What are you doing?!
lion I'm swimming back to New York.
lion I know my chances are slim,
lion but I have to try!
hippo You can't swim!
lion I said my chances are slim!

What kind of cat are you
hippo Jump! Alex, jump!
hippo Don't worry, cats always land on their...
hippo Face?
hippo Man, what kind of cat are you?

Who is it?
(knock knock knock)
zebra Shh. It's him.
zebra Who is it?
lion It's the pizza man.
lion Who the heck do you think it is?

Black with white stripes
zebra Alex. What are you doing?
lion 27, 28, 29, 30.
lion 30 black and only 29 white.
lion Looks like you're black with white stripes after all.
lion Dilemma solved. Good night.

The boat's out of gas
lion You know. I wouldn't even mind coming back here for a visit sometime.
giraffe Yeah. I could do that.
hippo You could say that again.
Private Skipper?
Private Don't you think we should tell them that the boat's out of gas?
Skipper Nah. Just smile and wave, boys.
Skipper Smile and wave.