Open Season

I'm warning you.
Boog Who's there?
Boog I'm warning you.
Boog I got ten claws and I ain't afraid to use them.

I was just gonna say that
Boog Where's home? It's gone.
Boog Someone stole it.
Elliot Hey, could you keep it down?
Elliot I'm trying to sleep here.
Boog You.
Elliot No, I didn't do it.
Boog Take a good look, Elliot.
Boog What do you see, Elliot?
Boog Something's missing, Elliot.
Boog What is it, Elliot? What is it?
Elliot Wait, don't tell me. I...
Boog Timberline is missing!
Elliot I was just gonna say that.
Boog My garage is missing.
Boog Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are missing.
Boog My life is missing,
Boog and it's all your fault.
Elliot What are you gonna do?

Yeah? You and what army?
squirrel This is McSquizzy's turf.
squirrel Nobody messes with McSquizzy.
squirrel Because that's me.
squirrel Touch a needle in this tree,
squirrel and I'll give you such a doing!
Boog Yeah? You and what army?
Boog Oh, that army.
squirrel Mess not with the furrytail clan,
squirrel defenders of the good,
squirrel crusaders of the righteous,
squirrel guardians of the pine.
Boog Keep your tree. I'll find another one.

How far does this conspiracy go?
Shaw I hope I'm not too late.
Shaw They've been out here all night.
Shaw A bear and a deer, working together.
Shaw How far does this conspiracy go?
Shaw What other animals are involved?
Shaw God bless America!
Shaw I hope the bald eagle hasn't turned.
Shaw No, no, no.
Shaw Maybe they're right.
Shaw Maybe... Maybe old Shaw is crazy.
Shaw Yeah, maybe.

Till the cows come home.
woman What does that mean, Bob?
woman "Till the cows come home."
woman Where have the cows been?

You wanna trade?
beaver What have you got?
beaver Wood.
beaver What have you got?
beaver Wood.
beaver You wanna trade?

I need a toilet
Boog Hey, Incredible Mister E.
Elliot Yes, Boogster?
Boog I've gotta go.
Elliot Well, go.
Boog No, I need a toilet.
Boog You know, the think tank.