I know this dog.
pigeon I know this dog.
pigeon I gotta remember.
pigeon It's gonna kill me.
pigeon Hold on.
pigeon No, I don't know.
pigeon I thought I knew.

Mark my words, Mittens.
pigeon Mark my words, Mittens.
pigeon One day someone's gonna stand up to you.
pigeon Someone's gonna teach you a lesson.

Did we go too far in this?
pigeon Hey, Joey. Did we go too far in this?
pigeon You kidding? This is the best day of my life.

That information is classified.
cat So, if you got superpowers,
cat I guess that would make you, what,
cat like, some kind of superdog?
dog That information is classified.
cat Oh, come on.

hamster Ring, ring.
hamster Who is it?
hamster Destiny?
hamster I've been expecting your call.
hamster Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha~

They need a hero, Bolt.
hamster They need a hero, Bolt.
hamster Someone who, no matter what the odds,
hamster will do what's right.
hamster They need a hero to tell them that
hamster sometimes the impossible can become possible,
hamster if you're awesome!

We got a nibble.
pigeon We got a nibble.
pigeon Don't freak out.
pigeon This is how you blew it with Nemo.

That is totally unrealistic.
Calico Aliens.
hamster That is totally unrealistic.
dog Absolutely ridiculous.
cat You could say that again.