Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Kowalski Skipper, look.
Skipper Analysis.
Kowalski It looks like a small incandescent bulb,
Kowalski designed to indicate something out of the ordinary.
Kowalski Like a malfunction.
Skipper I found it pretty and somewhat hypnotic.
Skipper Rico, manual!
Skipper (smashes the light bulb)
Skipper Problemo solved.
Kowalski Sir, we may be out of fuel.
Skipper What makes you think that?
Kowalski We've lost engine one,
Kowalski and engine two is no longer on fire.

Thanks again for choos Air Penguin
Skipper Attention, this is your captain speaking.
Skipper I have good news and bad news.
Skipper The good news is that we will be landing immediately.
Skipper The bad news is, we're crash landing.
Skipper When it comes to air travel,
Skipper we know that you have no choice whatsoever,
Skipper but thanks again for choos Air Penguin.

You guys are a bunch of suck-ups
Skipper Operation Tourist Trap is a go.
Private Oh, I like that one, that's a good one.
Kowalski It works on many levels, sir.
Skipper You guys are a bunch of suck-ups.
Private That too, sir.
Kowalski Oh, absolutely, sir.

Will it fly?
Skipper Looks impressive, Kowalski,
Skipper but... will it fly?
Kowalski Yes. If we fold it here, here and here.
Skipper Nice.

I can't tell you apart
lion Come on guys, Marty is absolutely right.
zebra 2 Marty?
zebra What the heck is going on?
lion You're not him.
zebra You thought that guy was me?
lion No, no, no. I mean yes, yes.
zebra 2 You thought I was him?
lion You guys do kind of look a little, a lot alike.
lion Marty you look a lot alike, come on.
lion You laugh alike, you talk alike,
lion he has the same sort of speech pattern.
lion I mean that is a little weird.
zebra So, you're saying there's nothing unique about me.
zebra I'm just like any other zebra.
lion No. Of course you're different!
zebra How?
lion OK, ok, I can't tell you apart.

The answer will always be yes
hippo Well I don't know, I have so many questions.
Moto Well I promise,
Moto the answer will always be yes.
Moto Unless no is required.

You've been a great friend
lion Marty! I know you're in there.
lion Before I go, I got something I wanna say.
lion You've been a great friend.
lion You've helped me so often to see the bright side of my problems
lion that I never think of you having any.
lion I wasn't there for you when you needed me.

You're black with white stripes
lion That's right. Got you.!
lion I see you in there. Yeah yeah you.
lion That's right you, right there.
lion Twelfth row, two hundred and third from the left.
lion That's you, Marty.
lion I know it's you.
lion You know what makes you special?
lion These guys are white with black stripes.
lion You're black with white stripes.
lion You're a dreamer, Marty.

You're all males!
monkey The plane won't be fixed until the suits meet our demands.
monkey Now, about maternity leave.
Skipper Maternity leave?
Skipper You're all males!

Kill us!
lion Tell them, no! Pull up!
lion They'll kill us!
lion There's gotta be another way!
lion Pass it on!
monkey They said, no pull up.
monkey Kill us!
monkey There's no other way.
monkey Basset hound.
zebra Are you sure?