You guys are all idiots, right?
hamster We agreed this was my zone.
hamster We all agreed that, right?
mice Right.
Hurley Bucky, the mice will agree to anything.
Hurley You guys are all idiots, right?
mice Right!

You guys are transfers from the Hollywood store.
Darwin Let's check that lock.
Darwin G-Force, Delta formation.
Hurley You guys from the circus or something?
mice Yippee! The circus!
hamster I hate the circus.
Darwin No, we're not from the circus.
Darwin We're specially bred, genetically altered,
Darwin and highly trained secret agents.
Darwin Known as G-Force!
Hurley I get it. You guys are transfers from the Hollywood store.
Juarez Darwin, it's locked.
Darwin We need another way out.

They're guinea pigs!
girl I want a hamster.
hamster Yes! Yes! I am out, baby!
hamster Finally, the recognition I deserve.
girl Her. With the big cheeks.
Juarez Huh? What?
girl I could put bows in her hair.
Juarez What?
hamster I'm the hamster. They're guinea pigs!

You're lucky
Hurley You're lucky I'm not in there, snake boy,
Hurley because it would've been lights out for you!
Hurley I would've hit you so hard you would have shed yourself.
Hurley Then I would have turned you into a nice pair of snakeskin boots.

You gotta let go.
Darwin I'm outta here.
Hurley Darwin? I want you to go.
Darwin I am going.
Hurley You can't worry about me.
Hurley You got a job to do.
Hurley You can't jeopardize it for me.
Darwin I wasn't going to.
Hurley You're only saying that so I won't have to feel the pain so bad when you leave.
Darwin Keep believing that.
Darwin Whatever works for you.
Hurley Oh, what a guy. What a guy!
Darwin OK, OK. Listen, Hurley.
Hurley You gotta go, man.
Darwin I gotta go.
Hurley You gotta go.
Darwin You gotta let go.
Hurley I gotta let go.
Darwin Let go of me.
Hurley OK.
Darwin OK.
Darwin Don't give up the dream.
Darwin You're gonna find the family you're looking for someday.
Darwin So long.
Hurley So long, brother!
Hurley I miss him already.

I'm right here watching you.
Hurley Two...
Hurley Three...
Hurley Twenty-seven!
Darwin Hurley. I'm right here watching you.
Hurley OK, that's it.
Hurley I don't want to get too buff.
Darwin Not to worry.