I would almost win others.
Megamind Our battles quickly got more elaborate.
Megamind He would win some.
Megamind I would almost win others.

Your warranty is about to expire
Megamind Over here, old friend.
Megamind In case you haven't noticed,
Megamind You've fallen right into my trap.
Metro Man You can't trap justice.
Metro Man It's an idea, a belief.
Megamind Even the most heartfelt belief,
Megamind can be corroded over time.
Metro Man Justice is a noncorrosive metal.
Megamind But metals can be melted by the heat of "revange".
Metro Man It's "revenge" and it's best served cold.
Megamind But it can be easily reheated in the microwave of evil.
Metro Man Well, I think your warranty is about to expire.
Megamind Maybe I got an extended warranty?
Metro Man Warranties are invalid if you don't use the product for its intended purpose.
Roxanne Oh, girls, girls, you're both pretty.
Roxanne Can I go home now?

It's still warming up, sir.
Megamind Ready the death ray, Minion.
Minion Death ray, readying...
Megamind Fire!
Megamind Minion. Fire?
Minion It's still warming up, sir.
Megamind Come again?
Minion Warming up, sir.
Megamind Warming up? The sun is warming up?
Minion One... second... more...

My spider bite is acting up.
Megamind I told you to have things ready.
Megamind I told you countless times.
Minion Why do you always blame me?
Megamind My spider bite is acting up.

There's no way she'll find the secret entrance.
Megamind OK. There's no way she'll find the secret entrance.
Roxanne There's a doormat here that says "Secrit Entrance"!
Megamind Minion!
Minion I kept forgetting where it was.

Is this a robbery?
Hal Is this a robbery?
Hal Cause the lady across the hall has way better stuff than me.

what's the T stand for?
Hal Hey, what's the T stand for?
Megamind Tighten.
Hal Tighten? What's that supposed to mean?
Megamind It was the only name I could trademark.

You dare challenge Megamind?
Megamind You dare challenge Megamind?
Hal This town isn't big enough for two super-villains!
Megamind Oh, you're a villain all right!
Megamind Just not a super one!
Hal Yeah? What's the difference?
Megamind Presentation!