Mr. Peabody & Sherman

He's sarcastic.
boy Come on, boy! Fetch the stick!
dog But why? Won't you just throw it again?
dog It's an exercise in futility.
boy I don't want this one, Mommy.
boy He's sarcastic.
dog Wait, wait! Come back!
dog Throw the stick.
dog I'll stay, I'll heel,
dog I'll even shake hands.
dog Bark, bark?

Why did I ever move to Egypt?
Pharaoh We pay tribute to the sun god, Ra!
dog Wait!
male The god of death!
dog The wedding must not continue.
female Why, Anubis, why?
dog Plagues. Plagues!
dog If this marriage pact is sealed,
dog I will shower down upon the land uncountable plagues.
male Oy, again with the plagues!
male Why did I ever move to Egypt?

Achilles heel
general Delivery.
general How are we doing, heroes of Greece?
general Feeling good? Feeling strong?
general Okay, let's get warmed up!
general We don't want to pull something out there.
general Remember what happened to Achilles.
general That whole thing with his heel.

I did not see that coming!
general Odysseus, what news do you bring?
soldier Someone left this for us.
general A present. Nice.
general It looks just like our horse.
soldier Should I bring it inside?
general It would be rude not to.
general I did not see that coming!

George Washington