Kung Fu Panda 3

Justice is about to be served
Po Justice is about to be served!
Po Whoo-hoo! Yee-haw!
Po We'll have two Justice Platters, please.

Dramatic Entrance
Po You guys aren't doing the Dramatic Pose, are you?
Mantis Do we have to strike a pose every time we land?
Po You guys, never underestimate the power of a Dramatic Entrance.

Dramatic Exit
Shifu Let me show you another move,
Shifu the Dramatic Exit.
Shifu What's that?
Po Wow! Are you kidding me?
Po Where'd he go?

He said you're a loser
duck I think he heard us.
Po I didn't hear anything.
duck Uh, he said you're a loser.

Be more than you are
Shifu If you only do what you can do,
Shifu you will never be more than you are now.

Who's paying for them?
pig Someone's about to beat your dumpling-eating record!
Po Who's eating my dumplings?
dad And who's paying for them?

Get a quick sketch of us
Po Get a quick sketch of us.
Po Did you get it?
Po Oh, I blinked.
Po Can we get another one?

Maker of Widows
Kai Ha-ha! You must be the Dragon Warrior.
Po And you must be Kai!
Po Beast of Vengeance, Maker of Widows!
Kai Yes! Finally! Thank you!
Kai Almost makes me wanna spare your life.