Is it done yet?
male Ow, ow, ow~
Moana You're doing great.
male Is it done yet?
Moana So close.

Sometimes our strengths lie beneath the surface
old man I'm curious about that chicken eating the rock.
old man He seems to lack the basic intelligence required for pretty much everything.
old man Should we maybe just cook him?
Moana Sometimes our strengths lie beneath the surface.

Giving the sky a high-five
Maui You're measuring the stars,
Maui not giving the sky a high-five.

The ocean chose you for a reason
Moana The ocean chose you for a reason.
Maui If you start singing, I'm gonna throw up.

You two must get along well
Maui When he shows up, keep him distracted.
Maui Make him talk about himself.
Maui He loves bragging about how great he is.
Moana You two must get along well.
Maui No, not since I ripped off his leg.

I will gladly do so
crab Why are you here?
Moana 'Cause you're amazing!
Moana And we mortals have heard of the tale of the crab who became a legend!
Moana And I just had to know...
Moana how you became so... crabulous?
crab Are you just trying to get me to talk about myself?
crab Because if you are...
crab I will gladly do so.

Shark head
Maui I'm trying to be sincere for once,
Maui and it feels like you're distracted.
Moana No, no. No way!
Maui Really? Because you're looking at me like I have a...
Maui shark head.

Are you gonna give me a speech?
Moana All right, break time's over. Get up.
Maui Why? Are you gonna give me a speech?

I'm so shiny
crab Shiny. I'm so shiny.
crab Didn't help me though, did it?
crab Still upside down here.
crab Just need a little push.
crab Can we be real?
crab If my name was Sebastian and I had a cool Jamaican accent,
crab you'd totally help me.
crab You would. You know you would.