It may seem impossible to small minds
Judy I am going to be... a police officer!
fox Bunny cop? That is the most stupidest thing I ever heard.
Judy It may seem impossible to small minds...
Judy I'm looking at you, Gideon Grey.

He cheats like there's no tomorrow
Judy The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
dad And also bears. We have bears to fear, too.
dad Say nothing on lions, and wolves. Weasels.
mom You played cribbage with a weasel.
dad Yeah, he cheats like there's no tomorrow.

It's called a hustle
Judy Well, I stood up for you, and you lied to me.
Judy You liar!
Nick It's called a hustle, Sweetheart.
Nick And I'm not the liar. He is.

She feels like a failure
neighbor 1 Hey, bunny, turn down that depressing music.
neighbor 2 Leave the meter maid alone.
neighbor 2 Didn't you hear her conversation?
neighbor 2 She feels like a failure!
neighbor 1 Oh, shut up!
neighbor 2 You shut up!
Judy Tomorrow's another day.
neighbor 2 Yeah, but it might be worse!

I gotta go sit down.
otter Chief Bogo, please!
otter Five minutes of your time, please.
leopard I'm sorry sir.
leopard I tried to stop her,
leopard she's super slippery.
leopard I gotta go sit down.

What is your problem?
Judy What is your problem? Does seeing me fail
Judy somehow make you feel better about your own sad, miserable life?
Nick It does. 100%.