Ralph Breaks the Internet

Should I call the police?
Pocahontas Huh. What kind of a princess are you?
Vanellope What kind?
Rapunzel Do you have magic hair?
Elsa Magic hands?
Cinderella Do animals talk to you?
Snow White Were you poisoned?
Aurora Cursed?
Belle Kidnapped or enslaved?
Vanellope No!
Vanellope Are you guys okay?
Vanellope Should I call the police?

What is it you really want?
Ariel 🎶 I once had a dream that i might wear a shirt
Vanellope Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Vanellope Wait! What's going on?
Jasmine Uh, she's singing.
Vanellope Yeah, but there was like music and a spotlight.
Vanellope Wait, you all saw it too, right?
Tiana That's what happens when a princess sings about her dreams.
Vanellope Oh, that's never happened to me.
Vanellope I mean, not even once.
Rapunzel Why don't you give it a try?
Rapunzel What is it you really want?
Rapunzel Sing about that.
Vanellope Okay. Uh, sure.
Vanellope Huh. I could do that.
Vanellope Um, let's see.
Vanellope 🎶 Oh steering wheel, oh steering wheel
Vanellope 🎶 Oh yes I want a steering wheel

What did she just say?
Merida @#$%&
Vanellope Uh-huh.
Vanellope What did she just say?
Tiana We don't know.
Moana We can't understand her.
Anna She's from the other studio.

I do and I don't.
Zangief Do you feel Dostoyevsky intended to make narrator unreliable?
Ralph Um...
Ralph I do and I don't.
Sonic You do, and you don't.
Sonic Duality. That's really deep, Ralph.
Ralph Thanks, Sonic.
Ralph I don't know what I'm talking about.

The bunny gets the pancake.
Ralph Hey, everybody, look what I found!
Ralph More pancakes!
Vanellope Sweet!
Ralph Let's speed it up.
Ralph Pancake, pancake, pancake.
Ralph Eat, little bunny.
Vanellope Uh, Ralph, you might wanna try feeding the kitty for a little while.
Ralph No, the kitty gets the milkshake.
Ralph The bunny gets the pancake.