Toy Story 4

I don't keep count.
toy Hmm. That's the third time
toy you haven't been picked this week.
Woody I don't know.
Woody I don't keep count.
toy Oh, you don't have to.
toy I'll do it for you.
Woody Okay, okay, okay, I get it.
Woody It's been a while.

Bonnie made a friend in class.
Woody Bonnie made a friend in class.
toy What a kid.
toy Oh, she's already making friends.
Woody No, no. She literally made a new friend.

Dad's totally going to jail.
Jessie They're about to leave!
toy Leaving?
toy They can't do that!
rex The panic is attacking me!
potato Hey! Watch it, buddy!
potato What do we do?
Jessie We have to stop them!
toy How?
unicorn We could frame Dad for a crime, so he goes to jail.
Buzz The carousel?
toy Yeah, it's the spinny ride with lights and horses.
toy Woody said to meet him there.
potato You gotta be kidding!
toy How do we do that?
unicorn Oh! We could...
toy We are not sending Dad to jail.
unicorn You're no fun.
cop Sir, will you please step out of the vehicle?
unicorn Dad's totally going to jail.

We have to get that key.
tiny That's our objective.
tiny We have to get that key.
tiny It's the only way inside the cabinet.
Buzz You can't be serious.
Buzz How are we supposed to do that?
toy You know what, leave that to us.
toy We know exactly what to do.
toy Mmm-hmm.
grandma Where did you two come from?
toy The keys! Give 'em up now! Where are they?
toy Give us the keys!
toy Give us the keys!
Buzz Well, we're not doing that.
toy Yeah, yeah, I agree, too visible.
toy It's a good point.
toy Something more subtle.
toy Ooh, what about "Winner, winner, chicken dinner"?
toy Yes.
toy The keys! Give 'em up now! Where are they?
Buzz Uh... you're kidding.
toy Really?
toy Okay, okay. You just...
toy All right. Well...
toy Oh, what about the old "Plush Rush"?
toy There you go!
Buzz Argh. Where is this going?
toy Shh! Don't interrupt.
grandma Aw~
toy Okay, right?
Buzz Not gonna happen.
Buzz N.O.

this toy sounds like a complete idiot.
toy What brings you back, Peep?
Bo Peep We need your help.
Bo Peep Gabby Gabby has his toy and my sheep.
toy No. Billy, Goat, and Gruff?
toy Those are my girls.
toy What were you doing getting tangled up with Gabby Gabby?
toy You know better.
Bo Peep Yeah, some toy thought it would be a good idea to wander into the aisle.
toy That doesn't make any sense.
Bo Peep It doesn't, does it?
toy Everybody knows the best route is behind the shelves.
Bo Peep That would have been a better route, wouldn't it?
toy Wow, this toy sounds like a complete idiot.
Bo Peep He does!
toy Wait, are you that toy?

How do we get that key?
tiny Yo, Bo!
Bo Peep Gigs! You made it!
Bo Peep Good work!
Woody How'd you get it?
Buzz How do we get that key?
toy It was hard.
Buzz Very difficult.
toy Barely made it out alive.
toy Yeah.
toy So, you're welcome.

Head to the middle.
Bo Peep Head to the middle.
Bo Peep When the carnival leaves tomorrow,
Bo Peep we'll hide right there.
toy Uh, no way!
toy Stuff that.
toy Awesome.
Bo Peep Stick with me. You'll be fine.
Bo Peep Ready?
toy No!
tiny And another thing,
tiny Woody asked you for help.
Bo Peep On your mark...
tiny And he treats you like that?
Bo Peep Get set...
tiny He only cares about himself.
Bo Peep No!
Bo Peep You're wrong.
Bo Peep Woody's always trying to do right by his kid.
tiny By putting everyone in danger.
tiny Ugh. That kind of crazy loyalty just...
Bo Peep You gotta love him for it.
tiny Whoa, say what now?

Does the GPS sound funny to you?
toy Recalculating.
toy Take a right.
dad What? A right?
toy Right turn ahead.
dad Does the GPS sound funny to you?
mom Honey, it's fine. Just drive.
dad Hmm, I thought it sounded funny.
Buzz Another right!
potato Right.
toy Take another right.
dad Another right? Really?
Buzz Turn right!
toy Now! Turn right!