Pokémon Detective Pikachu

he is adorable on the inside.
lieutenant It was a terrible tragedy, losing him and his partner.
Tim His partner?
lieutenant His Pokemon.
Tim Oh, I didn't...
Tim I'm sorry, is yours mad at me?
lieutenant Snubbull?
lieutenant He may look grumpy on the outside,
lieutenant but I assure you, he is adorable on the inside.

You hold the door. I'll go get help.
Pikachu Brilliant idea!
Pikachu You hold the door.
Pikachu I'll go get help.
Tim What?
Pikachu Help! Help! Oh, my God! Help!
Pikachu Oh, he's being eaten alive!
Pikachu A man is dying!
Pikachu No one's coming.
Pikachu People are so insensitive.

I forgot how to use my powers.
Tim You need to go for a critical hit. Use Volt Tackle!
Pikachu Volt Tackle will knock me out.
Pikachu I'm going for Thunderbolt.
Pikachu Come on. You got it, you got it!
Pikachu Come on, come on, come on.
Tim Hey, bud! What are you doing?
Pikachu I can't do it when people are watching.
Pikachu Can everyone just look away, please?
Pikachu It's not working.
Pikachu I forgot how to use my powers.
Pikachu But he didn't!

I think he just peed a little.
Lucy Last week, PCL had an "accident"
Lucy and had to shut down their entire facility.
Lucy That's the same night Harry Goodman went missing.
Lucy No one knows what happened.
Lucy Total media blackout.
Lucy What does it all mean?
Lucy I don't know.
Lucy This is very exciting.
Lucy Are you excited?
Tim Yeah.
Pikachu I think he just peed a little.
Pikachu Oh, nope. That's me.

how could you not believe in climate change?
Tim Something's wrong.
Lucy Is this really happening?
Pikachu Don't worry.
Pikachu Psyduck's psionic waves are causing hallucinations.
Pikachu None of this is real.
Pikachu Nope.
Pikachu All of this is real! Run!
Pikachu Go, go, go!
Tim What's happening?
Lucy Let's go! Let's go!
Pikachu At this point,
Pikachu how could you not believe in climate change?