Paddington 2

auntie's birthday
Gruber there might be something in here for your auntie's birthday.
bear Oh, good idea.
Gruber Ah, look at this!
bear It's very nice, Mr Gruber, but...
Gruber I know, I know, it has to be perfect.
bear Well, since uncle Pastuzo died,
bear I'm the only relative she's got left.
bear And it isn't every day a bear turns a hundred.
Gruber Quite so. Ah!
Gruber How about these rolling shoes?
bear Please, Mr Gruber, be serious.
Gruber Perhaps your auntie's rolling days are behind her.
bear I think you might be right.

It's only a haircut
son But I don't want to.
mom It's only a haircut, Nelson.
mom There's nothing to be afraid of.
bear Come in. Take a seat.
mom We'll go somewhere else.

Now you do dog-food commercials.
actor Now then, I suppose you know who I am.
bear Oh, yes. You're a very famous actor.
actor Oh, pooh.
bear Or used to be.
bear Now you do dog-food commercials.
actor Well, a man has to eat.
bear What, dog food?
actor Oh, very, very funny.

It's not as bad as it looks.
bear Oh, it's only one red sock.
bear What's the worst that can happen?
bear Afternoon, chaps.
bear If you ask me, the... the pink really brightens the place up a bit.
inmate If you ask me, you should pipe down and enjoy your dinner,
inmate cause it might be your last.
bear Ok.
bear Ugh!
inmate Ah, don't worry. I used to be a restaurant critic.
inmate It's not as bad as it looks.
bear Oh.
inmate It's worse.

Just an ordinary bin going for a walk.
Barnes Right, Paddington, stay low and remember, you're a bin.
bear You're a bin. You're a bin.
bear Just an ordinary bin going for a walk.
bear Thank you.
cop You're welcome.
bear Nothing to see here, officer. Just a bin.
cop Hm.
bear Quite good being a bin.