The Bad Guys

Oh, my gosh, you fixed it.
wolf Webs, Webs, the curtain's going up any minute.
spider It's not letting me in.
wolf Check your system preferences.
snake You probably need to download a driver.
wolf Try rebooting.
spider Oh, my gosh, you fixed it.
wolf Really?
spider No!

So long, suckers.
man It's the Bad Guys!
cop Arrest them!
cop They stole the Golden Dolphin!
wolf Come on, you can't prove that.
shark My baby!
cop On your knees, Bad Guys.
cop With your hands up.
snake Never! We're out of here.
wolf So long, suckers.
wolf Well, this just got a little weird.

This is going to taste extra sweet
guinea pig Okay, Mr. Snake, I'm going to give you a Push Pop.
snake Great! Push Pop just for me!
guinea pig No, to share.
snake Why?
guinea pig Well, on a fundamental level,
guinea pig it's about putting someone else's needs ahead of your own.
snake Oh, no. No way.
wolf Snake.
snake All right, all right.
shark This is going to taste extra sweet,
shark 'cause I know how bad you want it.
shark Pop me, please. Ah...
snake Nope. Sucker.
shark That's it! I'll teach you to share!
shark Mm, I like sharing. It's yummy. Mm.
snake Totally worth it.
guinea pig Well, that's terrifying.

Mr. Piranha, help grandma across the street.
guinea pig A good person always pays attention to the needs of others.
guinea pig Now, here's a kindly, frail grandma.
guinea pig Mr. Piranha, help grandma across the street.
piranha Sure, sure, sure. I do this all the time.
piranha Here you go, ma'am.
spider Oh, he is totally gonna blow it.
piranha What was that? What did you say?
piranha You think I can't do this?
wolf No, no, no, Piranha!

I want you to save it.
wolf Hey, look. It's a cat stuck in a tree.
guinea pig It doesn't get much simpler than that.
guinea pig Now, what in this scenario would give you that good tingle?
snake Eating it?
snake This is why I always carry two pieces of bread with me.
guinea pig No. I want you to s...
wolf Smack it.
snake Skin it?
shark Stab it.
piranha Sauté it.
spider Sing to it?
guinea pig Save it. I want you to sa...
guinea pig That's obv... It's so obvi...
guinea pig I want you to save it.
all Oh!
all Right, right, right. Sure.
all Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.